16 December 2011

Uncle Sam

This is completely random, but I just can't stop thinking about it. In America we all have an Uncle Sam. Sometimes he's pushy and demanding. It doesn't really feel like he cares about his family. You do what he says mostly without question. He definitely has too much say in my life. He always wants to borrow money. Sometimes he repays a bit, but mostly he just wants more. (I always pay Uncle Sam without complaints) Once he even surprised us all, he gave us more than we expected. Yep, that's right. Uncle Sam is the good ole USA. It's a nickname for our government.

Being government employees sometimes we don't get to chose where we work or live. Okay, only once in the last 10 years did we almost get a choice. Plans were changed at the last minute. Because of this I have had the joy of explaining the nonsensical to my kids. How do you tell them 'we just have to move' or 'no, honey, we can't go back to our house in Georgia for a few more years'. They will just keep asking questions. Lately I've just told them 'Because Uncle Sam says so'. Thankfully they are small enough that this is a good enough explanation.

Do other governments have something like this? What is it called? What would Germans have? An Uber BergerMeister? Do other nations have a national identity like this? Surely they must, no? Please tell me!!


  1. Interesting question...I wonder if they do. We didn't get a choice, either, but I'm pretty happy with the choice they made for us :)

  2. We've been happy with our assignments too. For me, as a planner and control freak, it is hard to leave it in someone else's hands and the waiting to find out is horrendous!

  3. Haha I know. On one hand, it's kind of nice to not have to do the legwork. But having to trust other people to get things done is it's own kind of stress. It's especially been an adjustment for me because I got used to making my own money and decisions and so forth. I quit my job to move to Georgia and while I was interviewing places we got orders to leave within a couple months. And here we are.


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