10 December 2011

Mannheim Christmas Market!

I LOVE Christmas time! Not the getting of presents on the 25th, but everything between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's the feeling in the air. The atmosphere. People are nicer; the air is crisp. (Last year at this time there was snow already) People are more giving of themselves. My favorite place at Christmas is Natchitoches, LA. I went to a boarding school there for the last couple years of high school. I loved to go and walk down front street and window shop. Stop in to Cafe Isabelle (no longer there) for a cup of hot chocolate or the ever cool cappuccino. I went back there 5 or 6 years  ago, and I still miss it.

Anyway, in Germany they have Christmas Markets. I think all towns have them. The larger ones are open everyday. The smaller cities' markets are open just on the weekend or they are only for one weekend. A couple days after TOM Turkey we took the S-Bahn to Mannheim with a few friends. Seriously, America needs to get with it on public transportation! We spent like 6 hours at the market there. On the way to the library we drove past the market, and by the time we went on Saturday they could barely contain themselves. There is rides for the kids, plenty of vendors selling everything from gemstones and decorations to vintage signs, and all kinds of food. The best part is the gluwein!! Hot red wine, yum! Sometimes you can get white, honey or in Heidelberg, Heidelbeere. I haven't tried that one yet though I've heard it's the best. It was such a wonderful day. Shopping. Eating, drinking. Lots of great conversation. If you ever have a chance to go to a Christmas market you should.

If you decide to go:

In Mannheim, open daily from 23 November to 23 December, 11am to 9 pm
It is all around the Water Tower, just a short walk from the Hauptbahnhof
There is also a smaller market at the Kapunizerplanken behind Engelhorn
Go here for more markets and info. Also, they get the photo credit for the pic at the top. Have fun!

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