27 December 2011

A Christmas Find

On Christmas Day we had a Skype Christmas to the States. I was lonely. Perfect time for our normal 2 mile dog walk. This (like lots of things) goes much slower with 3 kids. Sans bikes I decided we should skip the normal route through Rohrbach and go the oposite way. The great thing about living here is that there are bike paths all over the place. Everywhere! It really is quite nice. When we were in the states I don't think I knew what a bike path was.

Aparently right behind Rohrbach is Kircheim and the Heidelberg Messplatz. This is where they have special events like the flea markets. We saw something with a lot of bright lights. The boys decided we needed to investigate. I thought it was just the garden restaurant. Wrong! This is what we found:

The Heidelberg Weihnachts Circus. If we didn't have the dog we would have seen the show. You can see other pics here.  What a treat for anyone.

If you go:
Heidelberg Weihnachtscircus
Heidelberg Messplatz
Kircheimer Weg, accessible by bus/tram
tickets range from 20-30 Euros for adults and 5Euro less for kids

Let me know what you think!!

1 comment:

  1. I didn't know there is a Christmas circus. That's kind of cool.


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