25 December 2011

Restaurant Review: Pizza Hut

On December the 23rd I had a brilliant idea. We should go down to the Heidelberg Christmas Market. The one in Mannheim was open, so Heidelberg's should be too. Not so much. So my kids and I just walked around and did some more exploring of the Altstadt (Old Town). We found an African restaurant, a seafood restaurant that I've heard a lot about and a bar built around a tree. All are must try's. We ended up at Pizza Hut on Hauptstrasse.

Since Santa just had a baby and there is a ball coming up we ordered kids meals and dessert. Their food was 3.90 Euro a piece and came with a drink. One guy ordered pizza and the other had chicken and fries. Who orders this a Pizza Hut? My little weirdo. We also had a large Cola Light and the Chocolate Chip Cookie dessert. The bill was 14.90 Euro. A bit more than $20.

In true German fashion it took us an hour and a half.  I love long leisurely meals, just without 3 kids in tow. They were satisfied with the food and it was decent. I was surprised that the waitress brought us a fun pack "Viel Spass mit der Hutt Mutts" (have fun with the Hut Mutts). Inside were too little toys to keep them entertained. We got a whistle helicopter, a puzzle, a fun eraser and a little wooden toy that we deemed to be for the baby. We've been here plenty of times and this was the first time we were given anything for the kids.

In Heidelberg there are two Pizza Huts. One on Hebel Strasse across from McDonalds and the one on Hauptstrasse. I know the one on Hebel Str. has a lunch special during the week and also a special between lunch and dinner. Both are around 6 Euro and include a drink. I believe the lunch one has a two topping personal pizza and garlic bread. The afternoon one has a one topping pizza and a drink. totally enough food though.

If you go:
Hebelstrasse 3 or Hauptsrtasse 111, Heidelberg
Cuisine: REAL American pizza, pasta and salads
I would estimate 30-40 Euro for a family to eat individual meals or less if sharing a pizza.
Kid friendly and has room for strollers
Bathrooms are okay, but could be cleaner. I would never use their changing table though.

UPDATE: I forgot to tell you all that there is a take out window on the fussgangerstrasse. Very affordable. I beleieve I paid around 7 Euros for 3 pieces of pizza and a 0,3l soda.


  1. I thought the market went until Dec 23 so I'm surprised it wasn't open. I stopped at that Pizza Hut on the way over to the Philosophenweg. They have a little window where you can buy individual slices. It was way better than I remember a Pizza Hut ever being in the States.

  2. There are a few booths left around the Kornmarkt (I think) where the ice skating is - until Jan 8. I found an African restaurant and a bar with a tree growing through it. Can't wait to try that one out.

  3. Well that's cool it goes that long. I kind of want to go to one of the bigger markets next year. That could be a neat restaurant.


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