08 April 2012

Viernheim - Yang Yang

I was able to do the near impossible: get my husband out to a Chinese restaurant. We went to Yang-Yang in Viernheim. It's a bit of a drive, but the food is okay. I had been there once before on my lunch break and it was packed with GIs. I suppose it's b/c Chinese is basically the same in both countries. I like this place b/c it has one of those grills where you chose your own food to be cooked. You can choose all the veggies to be stir-fried with out the noodles! I seriously doubt real Chinese people use spaghetti.

You can either order off the menu ( a little pricey), or have the buffet to include the grill. We've already covered spaghetti, but the veggies were frozen! I had expected fresh. The rest had typical stuff: rice, noodles, meat dishes with sauce, egg rolls, fries and chicken wings. I had always assumed that the latter was always to appease unappreciating American pallets. There seem to be German ones as well. I had stir fried veggies, an egg roll and wonton soup. All were very good choices!

If you go:
Schwetzinger Straße 7
68519 Viernheim
Lunch Buffet: 7, 90 E
Dinner Buffet: 13, 90E
Menu prices are 10-15 E pp + drinks


  1. Interesting - I don't find the Chinese food in the US and Germany to be the same at all! I'll have to try the place in Viernheim (still never been there!).

    1. Maybe not the same, but 1st cousins maybe :)


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