20 April 2012

OMG, Hilarious!!

I need to tell you all something that happened on our way home from this place. Before I begin let me just remind you it was a long day and I was tired.

We stopped in McDonalds (don't judge) for a quick dinner. My husband wanted me to order for everyone. I do so and the guy pretends not to hear me. Really, I didn't believe this. I was speaking very loudly after the first attempt. So, what do I do? Absolutely refuse to speak German to him. Cheeseburger=Cheeseburger. By the time we get to the window I am busting up laughing at my behavior. We pay and are instructed to go to the next window. While waiting my oldest says, 'Mom, be careful. They smell fear.' WTF? Where in the world did this come from. So, at the next window I was again laughing. These people probably think I'm a fruit!!


  1. So what if they can't take a joke.
    His headset was probably askew. Silly McBoy.

    Laugh and forget about it.

  2. I'm an American in Karlsruhe - so we're super close! I love when they never understand me at McDonald's, I'm like this is actually how you say it. Although normally I try to avoid being 'that' American


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