15 April 2012

Language School

During March  I was able to take German classes at the Heidelberger Paedagogium. It was a refreshing experience. I thought I would walk in to a bunch of English speakers. However, this was far from the reality. There was one Australian and the other 10ish were from Mexico, Cuba, Columbia, Chile, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Italy and Estonia. We divided ourselves into Spanish speakers and then everyone else. For the most part I sat with the Turkish guy. In German, we talked about the NBA. A lot. It was so nice to be able to speak to and understand people that I would normally not be able to communicate with.

Germans capitalize nouns. All of them. Don't they know this is weird? We're cruising along learning different forms of the present tense, the different articles, lots of vocab, split verbs and then the big whammy: some verbs have more than one form. What? So confusing, at first. The only thing about being in a class like this was that there wasn't as much conversation as needed. My solution: there are a couple guys at work that I speak mostly in German to. One happens to the the computer tech, and he's unforgiving. Ich habe eine probleme. (not clue it that is spelled right)

Before I took this class I bought a copy of  The Hunchback of Notre Dame byVictor Hugo. I gave myself until we move back to the US to be able to read it. Now, we're going home a lot sooner than I planned/would like. Must do tomorrow: sign up for the next round of classes that begin next week!!

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