10 March 2012

Mardi Gras!

Happy late Mardi Gras to my Louisiana and US readers! Also known as Fat Tuesday, Fasching, Carnival and Pancake Day. I guess Mardi Gras started as a fest day before the fasting of Lent begins. To me it means having a party! We usually have a BBQ with friends (and family depending on where we are living) and have a good time just hanging out. In Louisiana we would have a huge BBQ on the parade route, and just hang out all day. Yes, a day long party. Don't forget the parties before hand too. We always have a King Cake, but this year I didn't want to make one. Instead I thought I'd make fleur de lis sugar cookies. What happens when you eyeball the baking powder? Have a look for yourself:
They were more like Martin Men than cookies.I had wax paper on top; that's why it looks weird.

We were fortunately able to celebrate Pancake Day with our British friends. From what I understand they make pancakes - aka crepes - for dinner and dessert. When they are cooking them you have to use one hand to flip it. Some people make a sport of trying to get them on the ceiling. I wish I had a camera to take a snap of my friend's husband doing this! He tried to hide the mistakes from us, but we caught him! It was a great evening spent with English speaking families from all over the world.

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