21 March 2012

Heidelberg Zoo

Wow. It seems that we have been crazy busy for these last few weeks. Mostly good stuff! Last week we found ourselves with an afternoon of unscheduled time. What to do? The Heidelberg Zoo! We've visited before, years ago, and I remember it being small and cozy. This go round it was still small and cozy, but the exhibits (most) have English. Let me give you the details first:

If you go:
Heidelberg Zoo
Tiergartenstra├če 3
69120 Heidelberg
(well marked with signage from A656 and the downtown area. near the University hospital)

Opening Hours:
March: 9-1800
April-September 9-1900
October 9-1800
November-February 9-1700
open 365 days a year

Adults 8.20, kids (3-18) 4.10, Family with 1 adult and up to 4 kids 14.40, Family with 2 adults and up to 4 kids 22.60.
Yearly passes for a family with 2 adults and all kids up to 18 is 82 Euros.

It can be insanely difficult to get a large family moving, so we got there at about 3 pm. Since it was so late I knew that we wouldn't get to enjoy the zoo as much as I wanted for the amt of money it cost. The only recourse: buying a year pass. We will definitely get our money's worth out of it. I envision lazy afternoon bike rides that end at the zoo, seeing the animals and a long time at the playground. :) If you're traveling by car there is plenty of parking across the street and a parkhaus is being built for zoo visitors.
On the right side of the entrance is a bear and wolf area. European fashion to have one before you enter the zoo? I've seen this in Tennessee too. Unfortunately the bears didn't get the memo to smile as I was unable to get a good pic of them. I thought it was cute to have red foxes in there too. I think there was a family of 4 living there. Inside there are typical zooish animals: zebra, elephants, seals, monkeys, turtles, cats, birds, donkeys. I have to say that my favorites were these guys:
Aren't they super cute? I'm convinced I'm going to have a farm later in life. Maybe not! Anyway, the zoo is easy to traverse, and is sure to bring smiles to your faces. Seriously, my husband was talking to the turkey. And then my 4 year old thought he was too. Absolutely hilarious. I wish I had a video of it.

In the park there is a Fody's that didn't look like it served much in the way of food, but maybe they will when it is warmer. I saw snacks, drinks and a little waffle station. I would say that there are three play areas, and all of them are large and serve as nice pit stops. We got there late so most of the animals were going inside before we were ready to leave. My kids happily stayed on the playground for about 45 minutes until the zoo closed. We're looking forward to enjoying the zoo in this sunshine!!

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