06 January 2012


I hate going to Walmart in the States. However, I did love it while they were here. They had better quality items than the original. Alas, the Walmarts here closed in 2006. I've heard rumors why but I'm not sure. There was one in the Vogelstange neighborhood of Mannheim. Now it is a Real (Re Al). Real is similar to the old Walmarts but not identical. There were Reals here and Walmart. All three of the old Walmarts (that I knew of) in this area are now Real stores.

In search of a birthday present for my favorite 1 year old we headed to Real. It is a normal Hypermarket.  Food on one side, shoes, bikes, toys clothes and house/office items. What do they say about not going to a grocery store hungry?

I was able to find a few things that other expat bloggers seem to have trouble with. Things like marshmallows, marshmallow fluff (what do people do with that stuff?), pop tarts, maple syrup.
Baby formula is cheaper here.
The 'American' shelf: mayo, mustard, spray cheese, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, beef jerky, powder mac in cheese (almost 3 Euros a box!!) and tomato soup. A good representation of America? I think not. Check out those prices!! Don't forget it is more expensive in Euro than Dollar!
You do know that Bisquick is really just flour, baking powder salt and shortening, right?

As much as I detest Walmart I really enjoy Real. It's so easy to go and pick up a few groceries and a pack of Legos for my kid.


  1. I am guessing it's that high due to importing it, but I don't know why they'd bother for Betty Crocker or why anyone would buy it at that price. I pick those up when they're 30 cents but at 3-5 euro you could get enough ingredients for at least 3x the baking. As to the marshmallow fluff, I've seen a couple recipes use it, but the same effect can be accomplished with melting marshmallows. The fluff might keep longer but that's about it.

  2. Everything in general is more costly at the grocery stores here. That is why there is COLA. Higher cost of living. I just find the 'American' section (or 'American week at Lidl) to be strange. Mostly its junk. Seriously, tons of BBQ sauce and spray cheese? Its hilarious.However, without access to the commissary I think it would be nice to be able to at least get something from home. Apart from the price all the packaging is different too.


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