08 January 2012

Its Pronounced How?

Recently I found out that I had been pronouncing a few words incorrectly. For YEARS! How is it  that no one bothered to correct me before now? Of all people it was the ticket taker for the boat ride in Luisenpark. It was 'erwachsene'. An adult. It should sound something like 'err vaxs e nay'.*

I knew this one though! As an American I would say Euro as 'Eur-O'. Right? Not so much. Germans pronounce the 'eu' as 'oy'. So Euro becomes 'Oy-ro'. Americans can stick out here like a sore thumb, so I try my best to have good pronunciation. The same way I try not to sound like I just walked out of the bayou.

I've know about the 'eu' thing for forever, so imagine my surprise when I learned that 'Feudenheim' does not sound like 'feud-enheim'. I still can't figure out how I've lived here for so many years and just can't even say the neighborhood name right. I have so much to learn.

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