03 January 2012

New Year's Traditions

In the Southern US on New Year's Day it is tradition to have cabbage and black eye peas. It is supposed to bring you money and good luck. Since I don't believe in superstitions or luck I cook it because it's just what we do. I think that you should make traditions your own and they should mean what you want them to mean to your family.

On the 1st I made a pork roast, rice and gravy and smothered cabbage. I skipped the beans, because lets face it, that is already a lot of food and my kids aren't going to eat it anyway. I will make them soon to have with the roast leftovers. 'Smothering' is a southern way of cooking slowly and with lots of onions. Warning: I kinda burnt the cabbage tonight. I usually get about 8 servings from a medium head of cabbage.

I started with a little bit pork belly. I cut it up and cooked it for a few minutes while I sliced the onion.

I used two onions. I threw them in and cooked for a bit while I was wrestling the cabbage. Slice it up, but too small, it will cook down a lot.  Once the cabbage is in just put the lid on and turn it down to a low medium heat.
Ready? Et Voila!
I would have cooked it down a lot more but I forgot to turn the heat down and the bottom burned. It should take about 45 minutes to one hour or until your happy with the crunch. Don't forget the Tony Chachere. Can I blame this on Mommy Brain? Tony's is a great all purpose seasoning that has cayenne as the base. I use this on all my meat, salad and fresh veg/fruit. (I do not use this exclusively like some people) Enjoy!!! If you try this let me know if you like it.

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