13 March 2011

Hello, again!

Well, hello, again after such a long while. Wow. It has been a long time. I have to say, 2010 was horrible!!! However, 2011 is going to be great! So many things has happened in my life since I was here last. Where to start?

Both the hubster and I have new jobs. His requires WAY more travel than I care for, but in the end it will be good for us. Mine is great. It is with a great employer, and the whole outfit is such a team. It is really like one big family. The guy in charge is so laid back and easy to work for. I'm not saying that it isn't all business, but he is just a good person. He's the guy that can walk in a room full of people and leave with a room full of friends.

I guess the biggest news is that we are expecting a new baby in the fall. This will be our 3rd. Never thought I'd say that. I'm super nervous to have a baby here, but, in my experience, the German doctors are more conservitave. This suits me well. No way they are coming at my back with a big ole needle! DISCLAIMER: EVERY ONE MAKES THEIR CHOICES BASED ON WHAT IS BEST FOR THEM. MY CHOICE IS NO DRUGS, BUT I RECONIZE THAT THIS MAY SEEM ABSURD TO SOME. I AM FULLY SUPPORTIVE OF EVERYONE'S RIGHT TO CHOSE! I must say that I am really excited b/c German strollers are so damn cool. They are made to go on cobblestone, so they like have shocks. They are considerably more expensive than their American counter parts. This is my last baby, and I've never really been able to afford something  expensive that I wanted and not needed. Gosh, does this make me sound selfish? I hope not!

My biggest confession: I don't live in Mannheim anymore! Truth be told, we wanted to stay in Mannheim forever, but things just didn't work out like that. We moved about 13 miles down the Neckar River to Heidelberg. It's okay. Lots going on. I haven't really been able to explore too much b/c I work, and with being pregnant I am exhausted when I get home! I'm sure there are ladies who can totally understand!

So, I've thought about changing my name of the blog. I still feel a sentimental attachment to Mannheim though. I really do love that city. What's that old saying? 'New York is where I'm from, but Paris is my hometown.' The US is where I'm from, but Mannheim is my hometown. Although, Paris would be lovely too!! I'd love to work at the mission in Paris.

Okay, I've got some great (to me) ideas for the blog. With the new job, I am shocked at how little we have traveled in this last year. So, I think that the focus of this blog is just going to be about life in a foreign country. I still don't speak the language that well, but it's a work in progress. More to come!!


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